Head of Production @ DARKSIDEWOOD


We started DARKSIDEWOOD project to bring back to life traditional wood treatment and preserving methods with improved technology.  

Our technology involves charring of wood surface in DARKSIDEWOOD designed oven, brushing it and finishing with tung oil.

Japanese call this ancient architectural technique as Shou Sugi Ban or Yaki Sugi.

Our products perform well both in interior and exterior and could be used in modern and traditional settings.

With this said, we have to admit that we do adore our product and it is single reason we are in this business!


DARKSIDEWOOD is growing and looking for Head of Production!

Your previous professional experience and/or education in wood processing is a benefit, but most important for us is what type of person You are! 


If You would like to:

- turn your woodworking hobby into career;

- be owner of your time and schedule;

- see, touch, enjoy and be proud of your work results each day;

- be part of team with work hard - play hard culture;

- set up and run new production facility in Vilnius;

- be responsible for end-to-end production of amazing product;

- work in start up company and get experience in building of sustainable business from the scratch; 

- help Your Company to conquer export markets;

- grow as professional together with Your Company,


...You are The One, we are looking for!


Reach us to have a chat:

email: Info@darksidewood.com

facebook: @darksidewood

phone: +370 618 83115

+370 618 83115

Vilnius, Lithuania

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